Hit the image above or click HERE to see info about the Riverside, CA, Arts Walk first Thursday of each month starting at 6pm. This is a great place to wonder around getting photos! In the past I have even taken models to the Life Arts Center during this event (as then the Life Arts Center doesn't charge me to shoot there!) and usually this works out fine. Sometimes they may get upset if you are blocking the hallways etc...but usually it's all cool. Just shoot and keep moving around. I've shot outside and back of the building also!

Here are some of my shots from some of my model shoots at and around the back of the Life Arts Building and Arts Walk area: HERE! If I can find some models willing to attend the ARTS WALK for shoots I'll post a message right here!

--------Next ARTS WALK: Thursday MAY 4th!

FREE: Thursday, MAY 4th, 6:00pm, Life Arts Center: 3485 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501
Model confirmed from 6pm till 7:00pm......Jessie Cook!
Please text me at if you are wanting to shoot with me and Jessie May 4th: 858-888-3440

Meeting behind the Life Arts Center 5:50pm-6pm
---Allen Freeman

Winner of the San Diego Comic Con - Costume Contest a few years ago!

Master of 1000 different looks! JESSIE COOK

Master of 1000 different looks! JESSIE COOK


Coming in JUNE 2017..........Dancers in Action with Flour at Wonderland! Details will be here soon!