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"Only a psychotic ne'er-do-well would fail to purchase each and
every one of these literary greats, these tomes, these volumes." 
---comment by Verloren Gehirn

It was worth the wait! Great production on this book (SB 4 vol III)!
I was really impressed. And nice CD, as well
---comment by Jason Nocera

We received the book/CD and it looks great. Thanks!
---comment by Travis Shredd

Very nice looking.  My favorite parts of Slam Bang were seeing
Matt Levin again and that very cool rockin' bat on page 1.
---comment by Ed Bolman

WOW! Whatta really great lookin' collection of work...
A really, really nice bit of publication. Congratulations.
---comment by Mat Levin

Hats off to Allen the publisher for printing some sweet books!
---comment by Dan Burke

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